Kahnawake Survival School

Kahnawa:ke Survival School was established in September 1978 by parents, students and community members as a strong reaction and response to Quebec’s Language Law Bill 101.

Middle School has an enrolment of approximately 100 students. The grade 7 and 8 transitional program is taught by a team of eight homeroom teachers while program specialists teach other subjects. Services are provided to accommodate individual student needs.

Senior School with an enrolment of approximately 170 grade 9, 10 and 11 students offers a unique program of studies which parallels the provincial curriculum. It is enriched with courses, programs and activities that teach, promote and support the Kanien'keha:ka language, history, culture and traditions.

Senior Pathways Program includes all of the core academics through an Individualized Education Program as well as an introduction to vocational learning paths.

 The Kahnawa:ke Survival School in addition to the required academic courses offers option and exploratory courses in the Sciences, Technology, Graphic and Fine Arts, Drafting, Drama, Outdoor Education, Traditional Government, Student Council, Advanced Writing, Film Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Carpentry and Traditional Crafts. Kahnawake Survival School also carries a long history of success within the GMAA Wrestling Association. Upon successful completion of their studies in Senior School Students are able to pursue a wide variety of post secondary studies.

Kahnawake Survival School Mission Statement

In lasting partnership with parents and community, The Kahnawake Education System ensures that all Kahnawake’ró:non students will be given well balanced and superior learning opportunities.

Our students will achieve pride and self sufficiency through powerful curriculum based on Kanien’kehá:ka language, values, beliefs and traditions along with sound academic principals and content, guided by innovative teaching methods.

Our students will apply their knowledge and skills to fulfill their life goals in contemporary society while honoring our ancestors and building our futures through seven generations thinking.